Technical Working Party on Testing Methods and Techniques (TWM/1)

First Session

September 19 to September 23, 2022 (Geneva, Switzerland)

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Meeting Documents

TWM/1/WORKPLANWorkplan for the TWM/1 sessionpdf EN 
FORM FOR TWM/1 COMMENTSForm for comments on documentsxlsx EN 
TWM/1/1 REV.Revised draft agendapdf EN 
doc EN 
TWM/1/2Report on developments within UPOVpdf EN 
TWM/1/3Reports on developments in plant variety protection from members and observerspdf EN 
doc EN 
TWM/1/4Image Analysis in Plant Variety Testingpdf EN 
TWM/1/5Color Imaging Analysis Systempdf EN 
TWM/1/6DUS characteristics image processorpdf EN 
TWM/1/7Combined-over-year uniformity (COYU) criterion: Extrapolationpdf EN 
doc EN 
TWM/1/7 ADD.Addendum to: Combined-over-year uniformity (COYU) criterion: Extrapolationpdf EN 
TWM/1/8Developments on the improved COYU method (splines)pdf EN 
doc EN 
TWM/1/8 ADD.Addendum to: Developments on the improved COYU method (splines)pdf EN 
TWM/1/9Application of molecular markers in DUS testing of new varieties of Chinese cabbagepdf EN 
TWM/1/10Development of statistical analysis softwarepdf EN 
TWM/1/11Presentation of PATHOSTAT applicationpdf EN 
TWM/1/12DURDUStools: Development of a common online molecular database and a genetic distance calculation tool for durum wheatpdf EN 
TWM/1/13Cotton genotyping using the TAMU 63KSNPsArraypdf EN 
TWM/1/14Update on IMODDUS activitiespdf EN 
TWM/1/15Variety identification: soybean case in Argentinapdf EN 
TWM/1/16Soybean molecular marker methodpdf EN 
TWM/1/17Development of a SNP marker set in Cannabis to support DUS testingpdf EN 
TWM/1/18International harmonisation and validation of a SNP set for the management of tomato reference collectionpdf EN 
TWM/1/19Variety Tracer: Fraudulent use of parental linespdf EN 
TWM/1/20UAV potential in DUS testingpdf EN 
TWM/1/21Digital PCR for Genotype Quantification A Case Study in a Pasta Production Chainpdf EN 
TWM/1/22Confidentiality and ownership of molecular informationpdf EN 
TWM/1/23ISTA report on the use of molecular techniquespdf EN 
TWM/1/24Latest developments in the application of BMT under the OECD Seed Schemespdf EN 
TWM/1/25Machine Learning InnoVar projectpdf EN 
TWP/6/1Development of guidance and information materialspdf EN 
doc EN 
TWP/6/2Variety description databasespdf EN 
doc EN 
doc EN 
TWP/6/4UPOV information databasespdf EN 
doc EN 
TWP/6/4 ANNEX IV, PART APart A: UPOV codes amendments to be checkedxlsx EN 
TWP/6/4 ANNEX IV, PART BPart B: New UPOV codes or new informationxlsx EN 
TWP/6/4 ANNEX IV, PART CPart C: Crop type(s) of UPOV codes used in the PLUTO database for the first timexlsx EN 
TWP/6/5Exchange and use of software and equipmentpdf EN 
doc EN 
TWP/6/6Variety denominationspdf EN 
doc EN 
TWP/6/7Molecular Techniquespdf EN 
doc EN 
TWP/6/8Guidance for drafters of Test Guidelinespdf EN 
doc EN 
TWP/6/9Cooperation in examinationpdf EN 
doc EN 
TWP/6/10Revision of test guidelinespdf EN 
doc EN 
TWP/6/11The Combined-Over-Years Uniformity Criterion (COYU)pdf EN 
doc EN 
TWP/6/12Increasing participation in the work of the TC and TWPspdf EN 
doc EN 
TWM/1/26Reportpdf EN 
doc EN