Meeting Documents

important information Unless otherwise agreed by the Council of UPOV, only documents that have been adopted by the Council of UPOV and that have not been superseded can represent UPOV policies or guidance.

See UPOV Collection for guidance and information materials concerning plant variety protection.

UPOV sessions: Program of the week

C(EXTR.)Council (Extraordinary Sessions)
CAJAdministrative and Legal Committee
TCTechnical Committee
TC-EDCEnlarged Editorial Committee
TWATechnical Working Party for Agricultural Crops
TWCTechnical Working Party on Automation and Computer Programs
TWFTechnical Working Party for Fruit Crops
TWMTechnical Working Party on Testing Methods and Techniques
TWOTechnical Working Party for Ornamental Plants and Forest Trees
TWVTechnical Working Party for Vegetables
BMTWorking Group on Biochemical and Molecular Techniques, and DNA-Profiling in Particular
EAFMeeting on the Development of an Electronic Application Form
EAMMeeting on Electronic Applications
WG-DUSWorking Group on DUS Support
WG-EDVWorking Group on Essentially Derived Varieties
WG-HRVWorking Group on harvested Material and Unauthorized use of Propagating Material
WG-SHFWorking Group on Guidance concerning Smallholder Farmers in relation to private and non-commercial use
UPOVSeminars & Symposia
UPOV/DCDiplomatic Conferences
UPOV/INACTIVECurrently inactive bodies

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