Plant Variety Protection Statistics

Plant variety protection statistics are provided in Council document C/[session]/7  (e.g. C/51/7).

Statistics for earlier 5-year periods, e.g. 2011-2015, 2010-2014, are available under the corresponding Council session (i.e. C/50/7, C/49/7, etc.) 

Data collection

for the preparation of document C/52/7 “Plant Variety Protection Statistics for the Period 2013‑2017”

(UPOV Circular E-18/063 of May 25, 2018)

All members of the Union are invited to contribute their data for 2017.

Please complete the following questionnaires and kindly return them by July 31, 2018 to (copy to

  • Plant Variety Protection Applications by Origin:   EN  FR  ES
  • Plant Variety Protection Titles by Origin:   EN  FR  ES
  • Plant Variety Protection Titles in Force:   EN  FR  ES
  • Summary:  Plant Variety Protection Titles in Force on December 31, 2017:   EN  FR  ES

Note:  Information received after July 31, 2018 will not be reported to the Council in document C/52/7.

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