UPOV Collection


The purpose of the UPOV Collection is to provide a set of guidance and information materials concerning plant variety protection under the International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV Convention). The only binding obligations on members of the Union are those contained in the text of the UPOV Convention itself, and the materials must not be interpreted in a way that is inconsistent with the relevant Act for the member of the Union concerned.A current list of the contents and status of materials in the UPOV Collection is provided in the Table of Contents published on the UPOV website. All designated persons in UPOV bodies will receive an electronic notification each time the UPOV Collection is updated. Other users can register to receive an electronic notification each time the UPOV Collection is updated.UPOV does not issue printed documents for the UPOV Collection. All users are invited to download updated materials from the UPOV website upon electronic notification.

Table of Contents

(a) UPOV Convention
(b) UPOV/INF document series
(c) Explanatory notes on the UPOV Convention
(d) General Introduction to the Examination of Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability and the Development of Harmonized Descriptions of New Varieties of Plants
(e)   TGP documents
(f)   Test Guidelines
(g)   UPOV Collection of Laws and Treaties (UPOV Lex)
(h) List of UPOV members
(i) Directory of Plant Variety Protection Offices
(j) UPOV Organigram


Databases and information
(l) Plant Variety Database
(m) Genie Database


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