UPOV - Working Group on Biochemical and Molecular Techniques and DNA-Profiling in Particular (BMT/19)

Nineteenth Session

September 23 to September 25, 2020 (Alexandria, United States of America)

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Meeting Documents

FORM FOR COMMENTS - BMTForm for comments on documentsdoc EN 
WORKPLANTWC/38-BMT/19 Workplanpdf EN 
BMT/19/1 REV.Revised draft agendapdf EN 
doc EN 
TWC/38/2-BMT/19/2Report on developments in UPOVpdf EN 
BMT/19/3 REV.Review of document UPOV/INF/17 “Guidelines for DNA-Profiling: Molecular Marker Selection and Database Construction”pdf EN 
doc EN 
BMT/19/4 REV.CPVO report on IMODDUS: update on R&D projectspdf EN 
BMT/19/5Access to reference material and molecular data from CPVO examination officespdf EN 
BMT/19/6vmDUS - Value-Molecular linked Distinctness determinationpdf EN 
doc EN 
BMT/19/6 ADD.Addendum to: vmDUS - Value-Molecular linked Distinctness determinationpdf EN 
BMT/19/7Organization of work of the TWC and BMTpdf EN 
doc EN 
BMT/19/8Survey on Confidentiality and Ownership of Molecular Informationpdf EN 
doc EN 
BMT/19/9Cooperation between international organizationspdf EN 
doc EN 
BMT/19/10Session to facilitate cooperationpdf EN 
doc EN 
BMT/19/11Developing a strategy to apply SNP Molecular Markers in the Framework of winter Oilseed rape DUS testingpdf EN 
BMT/19/12French strategy for access to molecular data & proof of concept for combining phenotype and genotypepdf EN 
BMT/19/13ISTA approach for DNA based markerspdf EN 
BMT/19/14Horizontal methods for Molecular Biomarker Analysispdf EN 
BMT/19/15Reportpdf EN 
doc EN 

Information Documents

UPOV/INF/17/2 DRAFT 3Guidelines for DNA-Profiling: Molecular marker selection and database construction (“BMT Guidelines”)pdf EN 
doc EN