Seminar on DUS Testing (UPOV/DUS-SEM)

March 18 to March 20, 2010 (Geneva, Switzerland)

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Meeting Documents

UPOV/DUS-SEM/1 REV.Programpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/CONCLUSIONSConclusions of the Chairmanpdf EN 


UPOV/DUS-SEM/1/0/UPOV/BUTTONIntroduction - Mr. Peter Button, Technical Director, UPOVpdf EN 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/2/1/CIOPORA/HENRIKSENInternational Community of Breeders of Asexually Reproduced Ornamental and Fruit-Tree Varieties (CIOPORA) - Mr. Lars Henriksenpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/2/2/ISF/SCHENKENFELDInternational Seed Federation (ISF) - Ms. Astrid Schenkeveldpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/3/0/UPOV/BUTTONRole of the Technical Committee and the Technical Working Parties in developing and providing guidance on DUS testing - Mr. Peter Buttonpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/4/1/JP/KAWAKAMIDUS Training organized by Japan - Mr. Tsukasa Kawakamipdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/4/2/NL/VAN/WIJKDUS Training organized by the Netherlands - Mr. ArndJan van Wijkpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/4/3/BORYS/POLANDDUS Training organized by Poland - Mrs. Julia Boryspdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/4/4/PARK/CHAN/WONG/KOREADUS Training organized by the Republic of Korea - Mr. Chan Woong Parkpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/4/5/ES/SALAICESDUS Training organized by Spain - Mr. Luis Salaicespdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/5/A/1/ASP/PACHECO/BRAZILProcedure in Brazil - Mr. Luis Gustavo Asp Pachecopdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/5/A/2/EU/MAISONProcedure in the European Union - Mr. Jean Maisonpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/5/A/3/RU/ROGOVSKIY/NIKOAEVSKAYA/TRETINNIKOVAProcedure in the Russian Federation - Mr. Y.Y. Rogosvskiy, Mr. T.V. Nilolaevskaya, Mrs. A.V. Tretinnikovapdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/5/0/B/UPOV/BUTTONIntroduction based on document TPG/13 "Guidance for New Types and Species" - Mr. Peter Buttonpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/5/B/1/EU/SEMONExperience in the European Union - Mr. Sergio Semonpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/5/B/2/WATERHOUSE/AUSTRALIAExperience in Australia - Mr. Doug Waterhousepdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/5/B/3/NL/GRASHOFFExperience in the Netherlands - Mr. Kees Grashoffpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/6/1/CORMIER/CANADAExperience in Canada - Mr. Michel Cormierpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/6/2/FR/GUIARDExperience in France - Mr. Joël Guiardpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/6/3/DE/BEATEExperience in Germany - Mrs. Beate Rückerpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/6/4/CARBALLO/MEXICOExperience in Mexico - Mr. Aquiles Carballopdf EN 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/6/5/NL/HAEGENSExperience in the Netherlands - Mr. Raoul Haegenspdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/DUS-SEM/7/B/5/USA/HERMELINGExperience in the United States of America - Mr. Mark Hermelingpdf EN