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TGP/0List of TGP Documents and Latest Issue Datespdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/1General Introduction With Explanations 
TGP/2List of Test Guidelines Adopted by UPOVpdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/3Varieties of Common Knowledgepdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/4Constitution and Maintenance of Variety Collectionspdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/5Experience and Cooperation in DUS Testing 
TGP/5/INTROIntroductionpdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/5/SECTION/1Model Administrative Agreement for International Cooperation in the Testing of Varieties pdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/5/SECTION/2UPOV Model Form for the Application for Plant Breeders' Rightspdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/5/SECTION/3Technical Questionnaire to be Completed in Connection with an Application for Plant Breeders' Rights pdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/5/SECTION/4UPOV Model Form for the Designation of the Sample of the Varietypdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/5/SECTION/5UPOV Request for Examination Results and UPOV Answer to the Request for Examination Resultspdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/5/SECTION/6UPOV Report on Technical Examination and UPOV Variety Descriptionpdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/5/SECTION/7UPOV Interim Report on Technical Examinationpdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/5/SECTION/8Cooperation in Examinationpdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/5/SECTION/9List of Species in Which Practical Knowledge has Been Acquired or for Which National Test Guidelines Have Been Establishedpdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/5/SECTION/10Notification of Additional Characteristics and States of Expressionpdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/5/SECTION/11Examples of Policies and Contracts for Material Submitted by the Breederpdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/6Arrangements for DUS Testing 
TGP/6/SECTION/1Introductionpdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/6/SECTION/2Examples of Arrangements for DUS Testingpdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/6/SECTION/3Declaration on the Conditions for the Examination of a Variety Based on Trials Carried Out by or on behalf of Breederspdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/7Development of Test Guidelinespdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/8Trial Design and Techniques Used in the Examination of Distinctness, Uniformity and Stabilitypdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/9Examining Distinctnesspdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/10Examining Uniformitypdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/11Examining Stabilitypdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/12Guidance on Certain Physiological Characteristicspdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/13Guidance for New Types and Speciespdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/14Glossary of Terms Used in UPOV Documentspdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/14/SUPPLEMENTSupplement to "Glossary of Terms Used in UPOV Documents"pdf EN FR DE ES
TGP/15Guidance on the Use of Biochemical and Molecular Markers in the Examination of Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability (DUS)pdf EN FR DE ES