UPOV e-PVP provides the following components to assist UPOV members in implementing the UPOV system of plant variety protection:

      1. UPOV PRISMA: online application tool for making applications to PVP Offices
      2. UPOV e-PVP Administration Module: digitalized system for PVP offices to manage applications and grants, communicate with applicants and holders, publish information and transmit data to the PLUTO Database
      3. UPOV e-PVP DUS Report Exchange Module: platform for PVP offices to exchange DUS reports
      4. PLUTO database: information on plant varieties

UPOV e-PVP also provides the basis for platforms for UPOV member cooperation in the administration and examination of applications.



Overview of UPOV e-PVP


Demonstration of UPOV e-PVP Administration Module




Demonstration of UPOV e-PVP DUS Exchange Module