PLUTO Plant Variety Database

The PLUTO database contains information on plant varieties from UPOV Members and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The UPOV Convention requires that variety denominations must be different from an existing variety of the same plant species or a closely related species (see the "Explanatory Notes on Variety Denominations under the UPOV Convention", document UPOV/EXN/DEN).  The PLUTO database provides for a similarity search tool to make a preliminary check on whether a denomination is similar to the denominations of existing varieties of the same Variety Denomination Class (see the list of UPOV Variety Denomination Classes in Annex I of document UPOV/EXN/DEN).

Types of records:

  • PBR=Plant Breeders’ Rights;
  • PLP=Plant Patents;
  • PAT=Patents for Inventions;
  • NLI=National List;
  • BIL=Bilateral Agreements for Testing;
  • ZZZ=Other (specified by the contributor)