Additional Characteristics

Document TGP/5 Section 10 “Notification of Additional Characteristics and States of Expression” states as follows (see


“2.1         The General Introduction states in section 4.2.3 that “The characteristics included in the individual Test Guidelines are not necessarily exhaustive and may be expanded with additional characteristics if that proves to be useful and the characteristics meet the conditions set out [in section 4.2.1]”.  It further clarifies in section 4.8, “Functional Categorization of Characteristics” that the function of additional characteristics is: 

‘1.   To identify new characteristics, not included in the Test Guidelines, that have been used by members of the Union in the examination of DUS and which should be considered for inclusion in future Test   Guidelines”;  and

‘2.   To facilitate harmonization in the development and use of new characteristics and provide opportunity for expert review.’”


“2.3         The criteria which an additional characteristic must satisfy are set out in the General Introduction:  section 4.8, “Functional Categorization of Characteristics”, namely it: 

‘1.   Must satisfy the criteria for use of any characteristic for DUS as set out in Chapter 4, section 4.2 and evidence for this must be available from the submitting member of the Union”;

‘2.   Must have been used to establish DUS in at least one member of the Union”;  and

‘3.   Such characteristics should be submitted to UPOV for inclusion in document TGP/5, ‘Experience and Cooperation in DUS Testing’.”


“4.2         Proposals for additional characteristics and states of expression notified to the Office of the Union by means of document TGP/5 Section 10, will be presented to the relevant Technical Working Party(ies) (TWP(s)) at the earliest opportunity with information on the extent of use of the characteristic.  The characteristics will then, as appropriate, be posted on the TG Drafters’ webpage of the UPOV website on the basis of comments made by the relevant TWP(s), and/or the TWP(s) may initiate a revision or a partial revision of the Test Guidelines concerned.”


 Additional Characteristics notified to the Office of the Union: 


Blueberry Char. "Leaf: glaucosity"
  Char. "Fruit: ratio height/width"
Field Bean Char. "Content of vicine/convicine"
Mandarin Char. "Fruit: number of seeds (controlled manual crosspollination)"


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