21 de septiembre a 25 de septiembre de 2009 (Angers, Francia)

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Documentos de reunión

TWF/40/1 REV.Revised Draft Agendapdf EN 
TWF/40/2Developments in UPOV Concerning the Use of Molecular Techniquespdf EN 
TWF/40/3TGP Documentspdf EN 
TWF/40/3 ADD. REV.Revised Addendum to TGP Documentspdf EN 
TWF/40/4UPOV Information Databasespdf EN 
TWF/40/4 ANNEX VUPOV Codes to be Checked by Authoritiesxls EN 
TWF/40/5Variety Denominationspdf EN 
TWF/40/6Variety Description Databasespdf EN 
TWF/40/7Combinations of Lines or Varietiespdf EN 
TWF/40/8Exchangeable Softwarepdf EN 
TWF/40/9Electronic Application Systemspdf EN 
TWF/40/10Document TGP/8: Sections for Separate Developmentpdf EN 
TWF/40/11Document TGP/14: Sections for Separate Developmentpdf EN 
TWF/40/12Assessing Uniformity by Off-Types on the Basis of More Than one Sample or Sub- Samplespdf EN 
TWF/40/13Matters to be Resolved Concerning Test Guidelines Adopted by the Technical Committeepdf EN 
TWF/40/14Guidance for Applicants on Providing Suitable Photographs of the Candidate Variety as an Accompaniment to the Technical Questionnairepdf EN 
TWF/40/15Proposal for a Partial Revision of the Test Guidelines for Mandarin (Citrus Group 1)pdf EN 
TWF/40/15 ADD.Addendum to Proposal for a Partial Revision of the Test Guidelines for Mandarin (Citrus Group 1)pdf EN 
TWF/40/16Method of Calculation of COYUpdf EN 

Directrices de examen

TG/51/7(PROJ.1) REV.Draft Test Guidelines for Gooseberry (Revision)pdf EN 
TG/52/6(PROJ.1)Draft Test Guidelines for Red and White Currant (Revision)pdf EN 
TG/53/7(PROJ.1)Draft Test Guidelines for Peach (Revision)pdf EN 
TG/56/4(PROJ.1)Draft Test Guidelines for Almond (Revision)pdf EN 
TG/84/4(PROJ.2)Draft Test Guidelines for Japanese plum (Revision)pdf EN 
TG/98/7(PROJ.1)Draft Test Guidelines for Actinidia (Revision)pdf EN 
TG/99/4(PROJ.1)Draft Test Guidelines for Olive (Revision)pdf EN 
TG/123/4(PROJ.7)Draft Test Guidelines for Banana (Revision)pdf EN 
TG/201/1Mandarins (Citrus L.- Group 1)pdf EN 
TG/ACERO(PROJ.1)Draft Test Guidelines for Acerolapdf EN 
TG/CACAO(PROJ.2)Draft Test Guidelines for Cacaopdf EN 
TG/DRAGON(PROJ.3)Draft Test Guidelines for Dragon-fruitpdf EN 
TG/FIG(PROJ.5)Draft Test Guidelines for Figpdf EN 
TG/PAPAY(PROJ.5)Draft Test Guidelines for Papayapdf EN 
TG/PECAN(PROJ.6)Draft Test Guidelines for Pecan Nutpdf EN