Administrative and Legal Committee: Fifty-eighth session (CAJ/58)

October 27 to October 28, 2008 (Geneva, Switzerland)

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Meeting Documents

CAJ/58/1 REV.Revised Draft Agendapdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
CAJ/58/2TGP Documentspdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
CAJ/58/3UPOV-ROM Plant Variety Databasepdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
CAJ/58/4Development of information materials concerning the UPOV Conventionpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
CAJ/58/5Electronic Application Systemspdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
CAJ/58/6Report on the Conclusionspdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
CAJ/58/7Reportpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 

TGP Documents

TGP/11/1 DRAFT 5Examining Stabilitypdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
TGP/12/1 DRAFT 5Special Characteristicspdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
TGP/13/1 DRAFT 12Guidance for New Types and Speciespdf EN  FR  ES  DE 

Explanatory Notes

UPOV/EXN/EDV DRAFT 2Explanatory Notes on Essentially Derived Varieties under the UPOV Convention pdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/EXN/EXC DRAFT 3Explanatory Notes on Exceptions to the Breeder's Right under the UPOV Conventionpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
UPOV/EXN/NOV DRAFT 2Explanatory Notes on Novelty under the UPOV Conventionpdf EN  FR  ES  DE