UPOV - Ad Hoc Crop Subgroup on Molecular Techniques for Maize (BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2)

Second Session

December 3, 2007 (Chicago, United States of America)

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Meeting Documents

BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/1Draft Agendapdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/2Developments in UPOV Concerning Biochemical and Molecular Techniquespdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/2 ADD.Addendum to Document BMT-TWA/Maize/2/2pdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/3Analysis of PVPd Inbreds with Public SNP Markers to Estimate Equivalent EDV Thresholds Compared with SSR Markerspdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/3 ADD.Addendum to Document BMT-TWA/Maize/2/3pdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/4Selection and Development of Representative Simple Sequence Repeat Primers and Multiplex SSR Sets for High Throughput Automated Genotyping in Maizepdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/4 ADD.Addendum to Document BMT-TWA/Maize/2/4pdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/5Selection of Sixteen Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Markers for Varietal Identification Using a Genetic Algorithm Approach in Maize Inbredspdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/5 ADD.Addendum to Document BMT-TWA/Maize/2/5pdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/6Use of Molecular Markers for Checking Seed Lots Identity and Hybrid Formulae in Maizepdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/6 ADD.Addendum to Document BMT-TWA/Maize/2/6pdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/7-AEDV in Corn: Concepts of Essential Derivation and Dependence; Possible Use of DNA Markers: The Maize Casepdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/7-A ADD.Addendum to Document BMT-TWA/Maize/2/7-apdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/7-BEDV in Corn: The SEPROMA Approach - Technical Issuespdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/7-CEDV in Corn: Identifying Essentially Derived Varieties with Molecular Markerspdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/7-DEDV in Corn: Study on Essential Derivation in Corn in North America - Abbreviated Report on Phase 3pdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/8Examining Trait Sets for DUS Testing: Introduction to a Work in Progresspdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/9Use of Molecular Markers in Intellectual Property Protectionpdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/10Overview of Guidance for DUS Examinationpdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/11Possible Use of Molecular Techniques in DUS Testing on Maize: How to Integrate a New Tool to Serve the Effectiveness of Protection Offered under the UPOV Systempdf EN 
BMT-TWA/MAIZE/2/12Reportpdf EN