Administrative and Legal Committee: Fifty-sixth session (CAJ/56)

October 22 to October 23, 2007 (Geneva, Switzerland)

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Meeting Documents

CAJ/56/1 REV.Revised draft agendapdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
CAJ/56/2TGP Documentspdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
CAJ/56/3Molecular Techniquespdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
CAJ/56/4Development of Information Materials Concerning the UPOV Conventionpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
CAJ/56/5Enforcement of plant breeders' rightspdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
CAJ/56/6Reportpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 

TGP Documents

TGP/5 SECTION 1/2 DRAFT 3Model Administrative Agreement for International Cooperation in the Testing of Varietiespdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
TGP/5 SECTION 2/2 DRAFT 3Examples of Policies and Contracts for Material Submitted by the Breederpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
TGP/5 SECTION 4/2 DRAFT3UPOV Model Form for the Designation of the Sample of the Varietypdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
TGP/5 SECTION 5/2 DRAFT 3UPOV Request for Examination Results and UPOV Answer to the Request for Examination Resultspdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
TGP/5 SECTION 6/2 DRAFT 3UPOV Report on Technical Examination and UPOV Variety Descriptionpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
TGP/5 SECTION 7/2 DRAFT 3UPOV Interim Report on Technical Examinationpdf EN  FR  ES  DE 
TGP/5 SECTION 11/1 DRAFT 1[Examples of contracts/agreements between authorities and breeders] / [Examples of policies for material submitted by the breeder]pdf EN  FR  ES  DE 


AGENDA ITEM 3Presentations by members of the Union and the International Seed Federation (ISF) on experiences and initiatives for the development of electronic application forms and technical questionnaires: International Seed Federation (ISF)ppt EN