What's new

UPOV PRISMA RELEASE V2.8 (November 2022):

  • Uploading multiple attachments for the same question is now possible.
  • Agents can now provide information on their services in their profile. The information is now visible for breeders when selecting an agent.
  • United States of America: The crop coverage has been extended to support all genera and species except 27 crops (see https://www.upov.int/upovprisma/en/index.html#accGlobe for more information).
  • France, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom  : an updated application form is now implemented in UPOV PRISMA.
  • Republic of Moldova: the United Kingdom’s Technical Questionnaire for Sugar Beet is now used.
  • European Union: the updated Technical Questionnaires for Lettuce and Rose  are now implemented in UPOV PRISMA .
  • For PVP Offices:  In the PVP office dashboard, it is possible to search, filter  and download reports in Excel.