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PLUTO User Guide

October 5, 2021 Webinar (recording/video)

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PLUTO Tag Format Description

The following rules are applicable:

a) Character set: Characters as defined in ISO/IEC Standard 8859 1: 1998; should be used.

b) Encoding: UTF-8 encoding should be used.

c) Item value format: the item value can be a date, a number or an alphanumeric string of characters.

  • Dates must be given in the form YYYYMMDD (YearMonthDay), e.g. 19930903 (ISO Standard 8601). Only information or not included at all if it is the only information in the item.

  • Within a given country, a harmonized number of digits should be chosen for the indication of numbers of a given item and numbers should be given right-justified with zero filling on the left.

  • An alphanumeric string should always be recorded as left-justified, with trailing blanks being ignored.

d) Each item of information should start on a new line. Free text should be presented on one single line (without a line or paragraph break).

September 28, 2021 Webinar (recording/video)