What's new?


  1. Search criteria: the search criteria can be edited directly in the search results page instead of creating a new search.
  2. Term search and Denomination search:  the search default is to extend the search to “lower levels” (e.g. search all sub-species and for a species search).
  3. New header with additional functionalities:
    1. My Search Criteria : Overview of your saved search criteria from where it is possible to load and remove them.
    2. Submission Information Overview of the latest data contributions per authority.
  4. Search Result page :
    1. Reordered Action buttons : 'Edit Search Criteria' , 'Save Search Criteria' , 'Print Result' , 'Download'.
    2. ‘Print Result’: dynamic results printed as per the saved display.
    3. Download Functionality: direct download for up to 100 results.  For more than 100 results, an email will be sent.
    4. Tooltip added for 'Commercialization' field.
    5. Possibility to filter by application number