Ad Hoc Crop Subgroup on Molecular Techniques for Potato (BMT-TWA/POTATO/1)

First Session

June 28, 2004 (Poznan, Poland)

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Meeting Documents

BMT GUIDELINES(PROJ.2)Guidelines for Molecular Marker Selection and Database Construction ("BMT Guidelines")pdf EN 
BMT-TWA/POTATO/1/1 REV.Revised Draft agendapdf EN 
BMT-TWA/POTATO/1/2Estimation of Genetic Variation and Relationships in Cultivated Potato Using AFLP and Microsatellite Markerspdf EN 
BMT-TWA/POTATO/1/3Genotyping of Potatoespdf EN 
BMT-TWA/POTATO/1/4Creation of an SSR Database for Potato Varieties on the UK National Listpdf EN 
BMT-TWA/POTATO/1/5Overview of Experience Gained in France on the Use of Molecular Markers for Seed Potato Certification and Respective Interest of SSR Markers and Visual Inspectionpdf EN 
BMT-TWA/POTATO/1/6Potato Variety Identification (Genotyping). A Breeder's Experience with AFLPS and ISSRS (1998-2004)pdf EN