19. Juni bis 22. Juni 2006 (Nairobi, Kenia)

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TWC/24/1 REV.Revised Draft Agendapdf EN 
TWC/24/2Developments in UPOV Concerning the Use of Molecular Techniquespdf EN 
TWC/24/2 ADD.Addendum to Developments in UPOV concerning the use of molecular techniquespdf EN 
TWC/24/3TGP Documentspdf EN 
TWC/24/4UPOV Information Databasespdf EN 
TWC/24/5Variety Denominationspdf EN 
TWC/24/6Project to Consider the Publication of Variety Descriptionspdf EN 
TWC/24/7Further Comparison of Decisions on Univormity of Rye Varieties Based on COYU Approcah and on Bennett's Testpdf EN 
TWC/24/8"Select": A Method for Identification of Varieties to be Excluded from the Growing Trialpdf EN 
TWC/24/9A Rationale for Elimination of Reference Varieties when COYD is Used - Work in Progresspdf EN 
TWC/24/10Influence of Number of Plants per Plot on the Assessment of Uniformity and Distinctness for Quantitative Characteristics in Rape Seed and Yellow Mustardpdf EN 
TWC/24/11Comparison of Distribution of Colours of Cotyledons in Sugar Beets for Distinctness Purposespdf EN 
TWC/24/12The Possibility of Reducing the Number of Assessed Plants for Quantitative Characteristics for Reference Varietiespdf EN 
TWC/24/13Study on the Use of Data from Multiple Locations in DUS Testingpdf EN 
TWC/24/14Database to Search for TWC Working Documentspdf EN 
TWC/24/15Image Analysis of Ornamentals, with Emphasis to Rose and Alstroemeriapdf EN 
TWC/24/16Reducing the Number of Plants per Variety in the Assessment of Distinctness of a Secregating Characteristicpdf EN 
TWC/24/17Reportpdf EN 


TGP/14/3 DRAFT 3Statistical Termspdf EN