3. September bis 6. September 2007 (Sibiu, Rumänien)

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TWC/25/1 REV.Revised Draft Agendapdf EN 
TWC/25/2Developments in UPOV Concerning the Use of Molecular Techniquespdf EN 
TWC/25/3TGP Documentspdf EN 
TWC/25/3 ADD.Addendum to "TGP documents"pdf EN 
TWC/25/4UPOV Information Databasespdf EN 
TWC/25/5Variety Denominationspdf EN 
TWC/25/6Project to Consider the Publication of Variety Descriptionspdf EN 
TWC/25/7Combinations of Linespdf EN 
TWC/25/8Comparison of COYU and a Method Based on Bennett's Test for Coefficients of Variationpdf EN 
TWC/25/9 REV.Least significant difference (LSD) (Revised)pdf EN 
TWC/25/10Chi-Square Testpdf EN 
TWC/25/11Multiple Range Testspdf EN 
TWC/25/12 REV.Review of test design: checking levels of quality (Revised)pdf EN 
TWC/25/13Gaia Softwarepdf EN 
TWC/25/14A Rationale for Excluding Varieties of Common Knowledge from the Second Growing Cycle whn COYD is Usedpdf EN 
TWC/25/14 ADD.Addendum to A rationale for excluding varieties of common knowledge from the second growing cycle when COYD is usedpdf EN 
TWC/25/15Least Significant Difference (LSD) and Other Tests to Compare Meanspdf EN 
TWC/25/16Study on the Use of Data from Multiple Locations in DUS Testingpdf EN 
TWC/25/17Database to Search for TWC Working Documentspdf EN 
TWC/25/18Population Standards Used for Assessing Uniformity by Off-Typespdf EN 
TWC/25/19Exchange of Softwarepdf EN 
TWC/25/20Reportpdf EN