Farmer-Breeders in Viet Nam

Rice and longan farmer-breeders using PVP to support their breeding work, bringing benefits for local farmers and the Vietnamese economy

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Development of the flower industry in Viet Nam

Flower growers benefitting from increased variety choice and technical support as a result of PVP in Viet Nam

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Transformation of the seed sector in Viet Nam

Development of the seed sector after UPOV membership results in farmers having greater access to high quality seed

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Role of PVP in supporting national agricultural policy in Viet Nam

How plant variety protection is supporting national agricultural policy in Viet Nam

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Diversity in Tomato

How plant breeding has increased diversity in tomato.

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Netherlands Triple Helix

- government, business and academia working together. Learn how this complements plant variety protection

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New varieties of trees and herbs with high quality developed in China

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New varieties of Common Bean: Impact achieved by EMBRAPA through PVP of new varieties in Brazil.

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Wie die UPOV einem Familienbetrieb in den Niederlanden hilft, weltweit zu agieren.

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Bessere Möglichkeiten für Himbeerbauern in Chile


Das Sortenschutzsystem: die Vorteile für die Entwicklung des Reissektors in Peru

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How PVP enabled a public breeder to ensure a supply of high quality onion seed to farmers.

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The role of PVP in the development of a new blackberry variety that improves farmers’ working conditions.

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Using the UPOV system to benefit custodians of native wild germplasm in Argentina.

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UPOV system bringing benefits for agriculture in Colombia

See how the UPOV system is supporting agriculture and promoting rural development through new improved varieties, with examples of sugar beet and ornamentals.

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Celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the accession of China to UPOV Convention.

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Ashiro Rindo (Japan)

How PVP enabled a public breeder to ensure a supply of high quality onion seed to farmers.

A color for all seasons

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Canadian cherry growers benefit from government policy

See how the Government of Canada uses PVP to improve the livelihood of Canadian cherry growers.

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Rose industry blooming in Kenya

Discover how the UPOV system enabled Kenya to develop a $500 million cut-flower industry that employs 500,000 Kenyans.

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A new rice variety bringing increased income for farmers in Japan.

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An ex-post assessment on plant breeding and agricultural productivity after 10 years (Corresponding author: Steffen Noleppa) by HFFA Research GmbH


Interview: Peter Button, Vice Secretary-General, UPOV

Overview of the Benefits of the UPOV system

Interview: Anthony Parker, Commissioner, Plant Breeders' Rights Office, CFIA

Impact of UPOV in Canada, Shift in Investments, PBR & Seed Sector Growth

Interview: Director Nguyen Thanh Minh, Plant Variety Protection Office of Viet Nam

Explains importance of UPOV

Congratulation messages


Message of congratulations for China’s celebration of 25 years of UPOV membership


Message of congratulations for Republic of Korea’s celebration of 20 years of UPOV membership


Message of congratulations on 25th anniversary of KEPHIS


Message of congratulations on 50th anniversary of GEVES

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