of December 2, 1961, 
as Revised at Geneva on November 10, 1972, 
on October 23, 1978, and on March 19, 1991

The 1991 Act is available in a single HTML file [150 kB]

  Article 1 Definitions 
  Article 2 Basic Obligation of the Contracting Parties 
  Article 3 Genera and Species to be Protected 
  Article 4 National Treatment 
  Article 5 Conditions of Protection 
  Article 6 Novelty 
  Article 7 Distinctness 
  Article 8 Uniformity 
  Article 9 Stability 
  Article 10 Filing of Applications 
  Article 11 Right of Priority 
  Article 12 Examination of the Application 
  Article 13 Provisional Protection 
  Article 14 Scope of the Breeder's Right 
  Article 15 Exceptions to the Breeder's Right 
  Article 16 Exhaustion of the Breeder's Right 
  Article 17 Restrictions on the Exercise of the Breeder's Right 
  Article 18 Measures Regulating Commerce 
  Article 19 Duration of the Breeder's Right 
  Article 20 Variety Denomination 
  Article 21 Nullity of the Breeder's Right 
  Article 22 Cancellation of the Breeder's Right 
  Article 23 Members 
  Article 24 Legal Status and Seat 
  Article 25 Organs 
  Article 26 The Council 
  Article 27 The Office of the Union 
  Article 28 Languages 
  Article 29 Finances 
  Article 30 Implementation of the Convention 
  Article 31 Relations Between Contracting Parties and States Bound by Earlier Acts 
  Article 32 Special Agreements 
  Article 33 Signature 
  Article 34 Ratification, Acceptance or Approval; Accession 
  Article 35 Reservations 
  Article 36 Communications Concerning Legislation and the Genera and Species Protected; Information to be Published 
  Article 37 Entry into Force; Closing of Earlier Acts 
  Article 38 Revision of the Convention 
  Article 39 Denunciation 
  Article 40 Preservation of Existing Rights 
  Article 41 Original and Official Texts of the Convention 
  Article 42 Depositary Functions 

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