The entry of data in the GENIE database has led to some variations from the taxonomic terms used in relevant laws and regulations, in particular because the nomenclatures used are not always universally harmonized. It is recommended to consult the relevant laws and regulations when precise information is needed.

UPOV CodeBotanical NamesEnglishStatusNotes
ALLIU_CEP Allium cepa L. OnionSelected species
ALLIU_POR Allium porrum L. LeekSelected species
ARGAN_SPI Argania spinosa (L.) Skeels argantreeSelected species
AVENA_NUD Avena nuda L. Naked OatsSelected species
AVENA_SAT Avena sativa L. OatsSelected species
BRASS_NAP_NUS Brassica napus var. napus Oilseed RapeSelected species
BRASS_OLE_GAS Brassica oleracea L. convar. acephala (DC.) Alef. var. sabellica L. BorecoleSelected species
BRASS_OLE_GBB Brassica oleracea L. convar. botrytis (L.) Alef. var. botrytis CauliflowerSelected species
CAPSI_ANN Capsicum annuum L. CapsicumSelected species
CARTH_TIN Carthamus tinctorius L. SafflowerSelected species
CHENO_QUI Chenopodium quinoa Willd. GoosefootSelected species
CHRYS Chrysanthemum L. ChrysanthemumSelected species
CICER_ARI Cicer arietinum L. Chick-peaSelected species
CICHO_END Cichorium endivia L. EndiveSelected species
CICHO_INT Cichorium intybus L. ChicorySelected species
CITRO_ATR Citrus aurantium L. × Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf.Selected species
CITRO_HTR Citrus reshni hort. ex Tanaka × Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf.Selected species
CITRO_HTS Citrus reshni hort. ex Tanaka × Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf. × Citrus sinensis (L.) OsbeckSelected species
CITRO_JTR Citrus jambhiri Lush. × Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf.Selected species
CITRO_PTR Citrus ×paradisi Macfad. × Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf. CitrumeloSelected species
CITRO_RTR Citrus reticulata Blanco × Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf. CitrandarinSelected species
CITRO_WEB ×Citroncirus webberi J. W. Ingram & H. E. Moore CitrangeSelected species
CITRU_AUR Citrus aurantiifolia (Christm.) Swingle LimeSelected species
CITRU_CLE Citrus clementina hort. ex Tanaka ClementineSelected species
CITRU_LIM Citrus ×limon (L.) Osbeck LemonSelected species
CITRU_PAR Citrus ×paradisi Macfad. GrapefruitSelected species
CITRU_RCL Citrus reticulata Blanco x Citrus clementina hort. ex TanakaSelected species
CITRU_RET Citrus reticulata Blanco TangerineSelected species
CITRU_RSI Hybrids between Citrus reticulata Blanco and Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck TangorSelected species
CITRU_SCL Hybrids between Citrus sinensis and Citrus clementinaSelected species
CITRU_SIN Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck Sweet OrangeSelected species
CITRU_UNS Citrus unshiu Marcow. Satsuma mandarinSelected species
CROCU_SAT Crocus sativus L. saffronSelected species
CTRLS_LAN Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai WatermelonSelected species
CUCUM_MEL Cucumis melo L. MelonSelected species
CUCUM_SAT Cucumis sativus L. CucumberSelected species
CUCUR_PEP Cucurbita pepo L. CourgetteSelected species
CYNAR_CAR Cynara cardunculus L. CardoonSelected species
DAUCU_CAR Daucus carota L. CarrotSelected species
DIANT Dianthus L. CarnationSelected species
FICUS Ficus L. Fig TreeSelected species
FRAGA_ANA Fragaria ×ananassa Duch. StrawberrySelected species
GERAN Geranium L. Crane's BillSelected species
GLYCI_MAX Glycine max (L.) Merr. edamameSelected species
GOSSY_BAR Gossypium barbadense L. American Pima CottonSelected species
GOSSY_HIR Gossypium hirsutum L. American cottonSelected species
HLNTS_ANN Helianthus annuus L. SunflowerSelected species
HORDE_VUL Hordeum vulgare L. BarleySelected species
LACTU_SAT Lactuca sativa L. LettuceSelected species
LENSS_CUL Lens culinaris Medik. LentilSelected species
LINUM_USI Linum usitatissimum L. FlaxSelected species
MALUS_DOM Malus domestica Borkh. AppleSelected species
MANGI_IND Mangifera indica L. MangoSelected species
MEDIC_SAT Medicago sativa L. AlfalfaSelected species
NERIU_OLE Nerium oleander L. OleanderSelected species
OLEAA_EUR Olea europaea L. OliveSelected species
OPUNT_AMY Opuntia amyclaea Cactus Pear (Opuntia Group 1)Selected species
OPUNT_DUR Opuntia duranguensis Britton et Rose Cactus Pear (Opuntia Group 1)Selected species
OPUNT_FIC Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill. Cactus Pear (Opuntia Group 1)Selected species
OPUNT_HYP Opuntia hyptiacantha F. A. C. Weber Cactus Pear (Opuntia Group 1)Selected species
OPUNT_LAS Opuntia lasyacantha Pfeiffer Cactus Pear (Opuntia Group 1)Selected species
OPUNT_MEG Opuntia megacantha Salm-Dyck Cactus Pear (Opuntia Group 1)Selected species
OPUNT_ROB Opuntia robusta H. L. Wendl. ex Pfeiff. Cactus Pear (Opuntia Group 1)Selected species
OPUNT_STR Opuntia streptacantha Lem. Cactus Pear (Opuntia Group 1)Selected species
ORYZA_SAT Oryza sativa L. RiceSelected species
PAULO Paulownia Sieb. et Zucc. Royal PaulowniaSelected species
PERSE_AME Persea americana Mill. AvocadoSelected species
PHASE_VUL Phaseolus vulgaris L. French BeanSelected species
PHOEN_DAC Phoenix dactylifera L. DateSelected species
PISUM_SAT Pisum sativum L. Field PeaSelected species
PRUNU_AME Prunus americana Marsh. American PlumSelected species
PRUNU_ARM Prunus armeniaca L. ApricotSelected species
PRUNU_AVI Prunus avium (L.) L. Sweet CherrySelected species
PRUNU_CSF Prunus cerasifera Ehrh. Cherry-plumSelected species
PRUNU_DAV Prunus davidiana (Carrière) Franch.Selected species
PRUNU_DOM Prunus domestica L. PlumSelected species
PRUNU_DUL Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D. A. Webb AlmondSelected species
PRUNU_FRU Prunus fruticosa Pall. Ground CherrySelected species
PRUNU_MAH Prunus mahaleb L. Mahaleb CherrySelected species
PRUNU_MRN Prunus marianaSelected species
PRUNU_PER Prunus persica (L.) Batsch PeachSelected species
PUNIC Punica L. PomegranateSelected species
PYRUS_COM Pyrus communis L. European PearSelected species
RAPHA_SAT_NIG Raphanus sativus L. var. niger (Mill.) S. Kerner Black RadishSelected species
RAPHA_SAT_OLE Raphanus sativus L. var. oleiformis Pers. Fodder RadishSelected species
RAPHA_SAT_SAT Raphanus sativus L. var. sativus RadishSelected species
ROSAA Rosa L. RoseSelected species
RUBUS_IDA Rubus idaeus L. RaspberrySelected species
SECAL_CER Secale cereale L. RyeSelected species
SOLAN_LYC_LYC Solanum lycopersicum L. var. lycopersicum TomatoSelected species
SOLAN_MEL Solanum melongena L. AubergineSelected species
SOLAN_TUB Solanum tuberosum L. PotatoSelected species
SPINA_OLE Spinacia oleracea L. SpinachSelected species
STEVI SteviaSelected species
STREL Strelitzia Ait. Bird of Paradise FlowerSelected species
TRITI_AES Triticum aestivum L. WheatSelected species
TRITI_TUR_DUR Triticum durum Desf. Durum WheatSelected species
TRITL ×Triticosecale Wittm. ex A. Camus TriticaleSelected species
VACCI_CAN Hybrids between Vaccinium corymbosum and Vaccinium angustifoliumSelected species
VACCI_COR Vaccinium corymbosum L. BlueberrySelected species
VICIA_FAB_EQU Vicia faba L. var. equina St.-Amans Field-beanSelected species
VICIA_FAB_MAJ Vicia faba L. var. major Harz Broad BeanSelected species
VICIA_FAB_MIN Vicia faba L. var. minuta (hort. ex Alef.) Mansf. Tick BeanSelected species
VICIA_NAR Vicia narbonensis L. Narbonne VetchSelected species
VICIA_SAT Vicia sativa L. Common VetchSelected species
VICIA_VIL Vicia villosa Roth Hairy VetchSelected species
VITIS Vitis L. GrapevineSelected species
ZEAAA_MAY Zea mays L. CornSelected species