The entry of data in the GENIE database has led to some variations from the taxonomic terms used in relevant laws and regulations, in particular because the nomenclatures used are not always universally harmonized. It is recommended to consult the relevant laws and regulations when precise information is needed.

UPOV CodeBotanical NamesEnglishStatusNotes
AVENA Avena L. OatsSelected species
BETAA Beta L.Selected species
BRASS Brassica L.Selected species
CAPSI Capsicum L. Sweet PepperSelected species
CTRLS Citrullus Schrad.Selected species
CUCUM Cucumis L. CucumberSelected species
HLNTS Helianthus L. SunflowerSelected species
HORDE Hordeum L. BarleySelected species
MEDIC Medicago L. AlfalfaSelected species
ONOBR Onobrychis SainfoinSelected species
SECAL SecaleSelected species
SOLAN_CHE Solanum cheesmaniae (L. Ridley) Fosberg Galápagos tomatoSelected species
SOLAN_CHI Solanum chilense (Dunal) ReicheSelected species
SOLAN_CHM Solanum chmielewskii (C.M. Rick et al.) D.M. Spooner et al.Selected species
SOLAN_GAL Solanum galapagense S.C. Darwin & Peralta Galápagos tomatoSelected species
SOLAN_HAB Solanum habrochaites S. Knapp & D.M. SpoonerSelected species
SOLAN_LYC Solanum lycopersicum L. TomatoSelected species
SOLAN_PEN Solanum pennellii CorrellSelected species
SOLAN_PER Solanum peruvianum L.Selected species
SOLAN_PIM Solanum pimpinellifolium L. currant tomatoSelected species
TRITI Triticum L. WheatSelected species
TRITL ×Triticosecale Wittm. ex A. Camus TriticaleSelected species
ZEAAA Zea L.Selected species