The entry of data in the GENIE database has led to some variations from the taxonomic terms used in relevant laws and regulations, in particular because the nomenclatures used are not always universally harmonized. It is recommended to consult the relevant laws and regulations when precise information is needed.

UPOV CodeBotanical NamesEnglishStatusNotes
ACCAA_SEL Acca sellowiana (Berg) Burret FeijoaSelected species
ALLIU Allium L. Ornamental AlliumSelected species
ANETH_GRA Anethum graveolens L. DillSelected species
BASSI_PRO Bassia prostrata (L.) A. J. Scott Forage KochiaSelected species
CAPSI_ANN Capsicum annuum L. CapsicumSelected species
CICER_ARI Cicer arietinum L. Chick-peaSelected species
CORNU_MAS Cornus mas L. Cornelian CherrySelected species
CTRLS_LAN Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai WatermelonSelected species
CUCUM_SAT Cucumis sativus L. CucumberSelected species
DCTLS_GLO Dactylis glomerata L. CocksfootSelected species
FOENI_VUL Foeniculum vulgare Mill. FennelSelected species
GOSSY_HIR Gossypium hirsutum L. American cottonSelected species
HIPPH_RHA Hippophae rhamnoides L. Common Sea-buckthornSelected species
HORDE_VUL Hordeum vulgare L. BarleySelected species
LENSS_CUL_CUL Lens culinaris Medik. subsp. culinaris GramSelected species
MALUS_DOM Malus domestica (Suckow) Borkh. AppleSelected species
MEDIC_SAT Medicago sativa L. AlfalfaSelected species
MORUS_ALB Morus alba L. Silkworm MulberrySelected species
OLEAA_EUR Olea europaea L. OliveSelected species
ONOBR_VIC Onobrychis viciifolia Scop. SainfoinSelected species
PISUM_SAT Pisum sativum L. Field PeaSelected species
PUNIC_GRA Punica granatum L. PomegranateSelected species
SOLAN_LYC Solanum lycopersicum L. TomatoSelected species
SOLAN_MEL Solanum melongena L. AubergineSelected species
SOLAN_TUB Solanum tuberosum L. PotatoSelected species
TRITI_AES Triticum aestivum L. WheatSelected species
TRITI_TUR_DUR Triticum durum Desf. Durum WheatSelected species
TRITL ×Triticosecale Wittm. ex A. Camus TriticaleSelected species
VITIS_VIN Vitis vinifera L. Common grapevineSelected species
ZEAAA_MAY Zea mays L. CornSelected species
ZIZIP_JUJ Ziziphus jujuba Mill. Chinese jujubeSelected species