COVID-19 measures for breeders

UPOV has created this webpage with links to resources and measures to assist breeders in relation to plant variety protection matters in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Disclaimer: This webpage does not constitute the official source of information for COVID-19 pandemic matters for members of the Union.
To obtain further information on any specific measure or details on the status of plant variety protection matters, please contact the relevant authority of the member of the Union concerned at


Links to webpages provided to UPOV by international breeders’ organizations in relation to resources available for breeders in the context COVID-19 pandemic are provided below.


Links provided by members of the Union to their webpages with measures on plant variety protection matters, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, are provided below.

  • Australia

IP Rights

  • China

PVP Office MARA (Chinese)
PVP Office NFGA (Chinese)

  • United States of America




In the COVID-19 situation, an option for making online applications for plant variety protection may be even more relevant.

UPOV PRISMA is an online service to make Plant Variety Protection applications to participating UPOV members.

You can find out more here or send us message:


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